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Gholamreza Tehranchi established Tehranchi Shop in 1951 on Imam Avenue in front of Tehran’s post office. Selling tools and industrial belts were the main activity of this shop which has been started 60 years ago. As Iran’s sales representative, we have expanded our company and have done business with companies like Kleber (France), Dawson (England), Bridgeston (Japan), Peddinghaus (Germany), Forte (Germany), Dongil Rubber Belt (Korea), English Steel Tool Corporation (England), and dozens of other producers for years.

Houshang, Naser, and Mansour, who were next to my grandfather for many years, continued father’s job in the most appropriate way.

With the development of industrial technology and Iran’s need for specialized equipment, they replaced general tools with industrial chains and belts.
In 1995 I was honored to accept the management.

Using other’s experience, following principles to maintain customers’ trust, integrity in sale, academic knowledge and parallel advancement with changes in sales methods and modern marketing have always been amongst our premier priorities.

Today, regarding crises and economic downturn, we consider price variations with high quality products very important and this is to create service for our buyer.

Flexon (Germany), OCM (Japan), DBC (Korea), Camel (China), Derco (Holland), Coulisse (Iran), MCC (Italy & Netherlands), Uni (Denmark), PL (Taiwan), Universal (China), Movex (Italy) are among those important producers which produce such products.

We hold a great number of the aforementioned company’s products as the sales representative and we sell these products wholesale in all over Iran.

Mohammadreza Tehranchi
Direct Manager

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Address: No. 12, Imam Khomeini St., Imam Khomeini Squar
Tehran - Iran
Phone: (+98 21) 66716179 - 66716284
Fax: (+98 21) 66715234
E-mail: mrt@tehranchi.co
Manager: Mohammadreza Tehranchi